30th Anniversary of Women Artists Protest MoMA

On June 15, 1984 the WAVE (Women Artists Visibility Event) also known as Let MoMA Know took place in New York City in front of the Museum of Modern Art.  The event was organized by artists Sabra Moore and Betsy Damon, and art historian Annie Shaver-Crandell through the New York City chapter of the Women’s Caucus for Art.  I shot photos of the protest and now, 30 years later, I am compiling a list of names of the women pictured in my photographs. The photographs are archived at the Duke University Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History and Culture and the names collected will be added.

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the protest. While I have identified many of the participants pictured, there are still more images to be labeled. If you recognize anyone who has not been listed in the descriptions of the photos, please contact me.

I would like to thank Sabra Moore, Maria Martinez-Canas, Maria Elena Gonzalez, and Margo Machida for their help in identifying many of the people photographed.




  1. Annie Shaver-Crandell · June 16, 2014

    Dear Clarissa,

    Terrifico. Possible ID, by the bottom right random post. Is RH figure Joyce Kozloff? The lettering on the MoMA Doesn’t Know Best! sign looks like Keith Crandell’s handiwork, but I wouldn’t swear to it.
    Correct spelling of Rauschenbusch.

    I may still have slides of images from others’ photos. If I do, do you want them?