Expanding the Vision

I know that when The Proposal is finally published it will be different from the book that I originally made. I have seen that happen with the work of other book artists.  I can live with that because for me to be able to make something that is really meaningful to me is an incredible gift. Here’s hoping that the published book will convey the spirit of that experience.

I have thought of making additional versions of The Proposal. However, it’s too easy for me to get lost in the process of doing makeovers, so I will wait until work with the publisher begins.

Meanwhile in trying to paint a picture of what I envision for the Transforming Hate Project, I have expanded the project to include working collaboratively with “at risk” teenagers.

I did a bookmaking workshop with English teacher, Alice Owens and artist and poet, Kim Purser. When we were introduced to the students, they made it clear that they had no interest in making books.

Book_Class_1312_crop Book_Class_1339_crop Book_Class_1384 Book_Class_1387

However, at the end of 10 weeks, they proudly presented and discussed their books and their working process with visitors. The transformation that took place in their perception of themselves and in the way that others saw them made me realize how important it is to include working with young people, especially those who are having difficulty finding a direction.


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