New Website in Progress

James_w_Zachary_and_Tighe_#2_150ppiI have had to shift my focus from fundraising for the Transforming Hate Project to compiling sets of images for my new website-in-progress. This process has required that I go through my external drives and CDs over and over again. Why did I ever believe that my images were organized? And of course some pictures have never been digitized.

Over the past 30 years, I have used different mediums and subject matter. This means I needed a website structure to present the projects in a way that is not object oriented. For starters I decided to separate everything into themes like Mel Chin did on his site. Themes allow me to consider the ways in which my work has been categorized and gives me the opportunity to set up different visual sequences.

I really enjoy revisiting the images. Many were done more than 15 years ago. Seeing them takes me back to the time and place I spent with each person – reconnects those moments for me. I shall be forever grateful to the people that allowed me in their life.


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