Reading Dick and Jane with Me Cyanotype Prints

You Play in Your Good ClothesThese cyanotype prints, 40 x 30 inches, 1990-2013, originated from artwork made for my artist’s book Reading Dick and Jane With Me while in residency at Visual Studies Workshop in 1989. The size of the original collage and the book page was about 8 ½ x 7 inches. During that residency at VSW, before the days of Photoshop, I learned to shoot the artwork onto film, strip and spot the films and make metal plates for the offset press printing of the book.

With the encouragement of Joan Lyons, the VSW Press director, I also used the large process camera to shoot and develop large negatives from the artwork. After returning home, I built a large light table, contact printed the negatives and processed them in my bathtub. The prints are sent to various exhibition sites. Viewers draw and mark on the prints in response to my image and text narratives. This process is done repeatedly until the prints are fully covered with marks and sketches left by the public.

The process continues.


2_You play in good clothes_inv_frame

2a_You Play in Your good Clothes_0603_inv

3_Our Parents Want Us to Read_0368_inv_frame

3a_Our parents want us to read_0587_inv

4_Look Look See us Play_0591_inv

5_See me jump_0606_inv

6_Pretty White Puff_0596_inv

7_These stories seem more real_inv