Reframing the Past

Reframing the PastReframing the Past (1984-1994) could also be titled Re-Reading the Family Album. From 1984 to 1994, Sligh’s work centered on a re-investigation and re-evaluation of her family’s photo album. Growing up in the blue collar, black neighborhood of Halls Hill in Arlington, Virginia in the 1950’s, keeping up the family album was something the artist took great pride in. Not realizing that her early family album project was created through the lens of a stereotypical white American family, she saw the project as making a record of positive images of her black family.


2_Play with Jane_1988_3x2

3_Cherry Blossoms_1984_3x2.5

4_Waiting for Daddy_3x2_1987



7_Down the House_1984_3x2

8_Wonderful Uncle_2.5x2_1987


11_Reframing the Past_4Parts_2x2_tint

12_BeeBee Gun_2.5x3_1984

13_She Sucked Her Thumb_1989_2.5x3